What should the criteria for entry into the ecosystem be?

What critreria should we use to allow entry into the ecosystem? Some possible measures listed below. This post is a wiki, so please add any others, or change the structure of this post.

Qualitative Measures

Formal Measures

  • Registration in a cooperative legal form

I’d definitely suggest tiering this - for reasons of inclusivity and platform reach.

De facto cooperatives often face onerous issues - developing a shared and crucially operational used understanding of de facto Coop status would be an exceptionally interesting play, especially if backed by an institutionally significant partner or two.

Tier two I’d look at socent by European definition - which seems in close keeping with the Cooperative tradition.

Tier Three I’d suggest ‘going wide’ - there is a piece here about minimum conditions, also known as exclusion criteria. This I’d argue is the hardest to define, you’d need general consensus or close, or to ‘lift’ a definition, like from Solidarity Community or elsewhere - the argument here is that it’s best to enable an existing ecosystem or community of practice.


OK so…rather than try to make up a definition, let’s try some off the shelf:

'The Commission uses the term ‘social enterprise’ to cover the following types of business

  • Those for who the social or societal objective of the common good is the reason for the commercial activity, often in the form of a high level of social innovation

  • Those whose profits are mainly reinvested to achieve this social objective

  • Those where the method of organisation or the ownership system reflects the enterprise’s mission, using democratic or participatory principles or focusing on social justice


'Solidarity economy or Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) refers to a wide range of economic activities that aim to prioritize social profitability instead of purely financial profits.

A key feature that distinguishes solidarity economy entities from private and public enterprises is the participatory and democratic nature of governance in decision-making processes’

So what I’m vaguely suggesting here - fully agnostic to corporate forms - is a ‘democracy audit’.

Like idk if there is an Iso-9000 for democratic management, but if there ain’t one, could we print it?

Mostly tracking off:

for this as a Design Pattern:

  1. Provide Democracy Audit,

  2. Democracy Audit sets Inclusion Criteria,

  3. Democracy Audit defines Tiering,

  4. Agency provides Tools to Foster Good Practice.