Planning Our Next Co-op Credentials Community Call: An Asynchronous Co-Design Workshop

Continuing the discussion from When is the next community call?:

It is just around the corner! And we want to design (or plan) the call and our next steps together with everyone. The main goal of the call would be to develop our next steps as we look to:

Helping the co-op ecosystem is what we want to do next, we realise from our surveys, meetings and activities so far that we have is definitely useful, but how might we make it better for you, your co-ops, and the ecosystem as a whole?

To help you and all of our partners better tell how we might help, we want to do a co-design session. We haven’t fixed a date and a timeline of events as we want to plan this openly. Anyone who wants to partake can chip in and we’ll collate the responses into an action plan.

To make it clear what we want to do, let me give a short overview of the co-design session and share the materials we hope to use. This session is based on Stanford’s design thinking workshops.

Our Next Community Call: A Design Thinking Exercise

For our next community call, we are looking to do a Design Thinking Exercise to help us better understand what our needs are as co-ops and co-op members, so we can better build for us. The goal would be to answer the question:

How can we improve the Cooperative Experience

This is similar to the statement Rich shared:

This just rephrases it to allow us to contemplate it from another perspective.

The exercise will be done asynchronously and in pairs of 2. We have a call to kick it off, explain briefly, and pair up. People can join afterwards and be paired up.

Once paired, we’d go through different short tasks of asking our partner questions and documenting their answers. This will be done in a dedicated category here in Discourse and each pair or group would have their own topic for this. There will be a quick demo showing how it all works on the call and a slide to guide us through the steps, all you’d have to do is follow the prompts and write out your results.

Afterwards, we’d get to it and work on this over a 1 - 2 week period. The 2 weeks is a soft cap as you can continue his process with your partner, but we’d start collating at 2 weeks.

We’d be collating the needs, insights, problem statements and solutions that each group comes up with. We would use them to help us understand how we can make our product more useful for us all.

We will also factor in past contributions on this like:

See the presentation/slide we would use for the exercise: Design Thinking Exercise on Improving the Cooperative Experience - Google Präsentationen

To restate the steps involved in this co-design session:

  1. Agree on the plan
  2. Fix a date for the intro and kick-off call for the asynchronous co-design session
    • Explain the process and do a live demo here in the dedicated category of the Co-opCreds Discourse instance to show how it would work
  3. Everyone partakes in the asynchronous co-design session for 1 - 2 weeks
  4. After 2 weeks, collate findings and allow another 1 - 2 weeks for community deliberation and structuring of shared findings
  5. After 2nd set of 2-week deliberations, share finalised results from the co-design

Our next first step is for all of us to share our thoughts on this process and fix a date for the call and start of the session.

So what do we think of this process?

and …

When do we want the first call to be?


Looks great! Reading through the exercise.

Was just pitching this initiative and Verifiable Credentials as a potential resource for an inter-cooperative coupon idea @LeoSammallahti was giving voice to in a channel.

I’m flexible on time, though my preference would be in the range from 2022-06-21T15:00:00Z2022-07-01T22:00:00Z.


Thank you for the kind words. :slightly_smiling_face::pray:t5:

I was thinking about something similar! Maybe not exactly coupons, but receipts or receipt-like items from coops to their customers. We may be talking about different things though :sweat_smile:


Added some extra notes to highlight past contributions on this, so all contributions are carried along.


Second the proposal around the data Trust direction.

Identity and privacy are siblings, and privacy-as-a-service is a long-established business model.


I’m also flexible on time. I reckon we’ll need at least two weeks lead time to let all the relevant people know.


Great stuff here @osioke
I wonder if before the design exercise itself, we could do with a little time together to re-introduce co-ops to each other and have a ‘show and tell’ or ‘discovery’ meeting (or meetings)? Also, perhaps:

is something that could do with its own collaborative planning event?

So overall, maybe 3 phases:

  1. Discovery / ‘show and tell’ - coops get to know each other better and scan / recap each others’ inputs
  2. Co-Design - workshop, as above - this will generate a lot of material…
  3. Shaping and Planning - takes the output of 2 and builds an action plan / commitment

For 1, we could do this partly in meetings and partly offline in a topic (a digital wall) where everyone shares a short intro / picture about themselves/their co-op and opportunities/expectations of coop credentials. Maybe we could support the intros in a short video interview? Lots of possibilities.

I think it’s worth taking the time to get this right, so the timeline might need to go back a little… what do folks think?


I’m down for whatever, especially collective action.

My take is that the intros everyone has already offered will be naturally extended and made actionable by the pairing and dialoguing step in the outline @osioke shared.

Happy though to go with the flow. .

Most eager to help boost outreach for the next Meetup whatever format emerges.

Looking forward to expanding a community of practice around VCs and collaborations across co-ops.


Preferred date range updated up thread. :grinning:

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I am especially attracted to the notion that this exercise would pair members of different co-ops together, to advance learning by active practical collaboration and problem-solving.


Appreciated, thanks!


I love this! This works! :slight_smile:

Exactly my thought when I went through what Nick posted :sweat_smile:

Yup yup

I agree :smiley:

In that light and based off the dates we’ve spoken about here, I propose 2022-06-23T14:00:00Z. Does this work for us all?

It would give enough time for publicising the first Discovery and Show and Tell phase.

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+1 on this too!!
Perhaps phase 1 could be asynchronous?

Works for me!


Please share when the date is confirmed. I’ll share on socials and try to bring others along from the Resonate community.

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The date is confirmed! I just created an event for us to RSVP on, see here: