Impelement a Verifier Client

The most common way for a Cooperative to participate in the CoopCreds Network is to implement a verifier client. This allows the cooperative to verify the Cooperative Credential and give access to resources to members who successfully verify a credential.

Implement a Client

Implementing a client can be done by using one of CoopCreds’ off the shelf solutions, or by building your own implementation.

Off The Shelf

There is currently one off-the-shelf client: an open source plugin for the popular forum software Discourse. This topic on Discourse’s own forum has a detailed guide on how to install and set up the plugin.

We are looking at building other off-the-shelf clients for popular open source frameworks, starting with Wordpress. If there is a particular open source framework you would like a client for please respond below with further details.

Build Your Own

If you want to build your own client the place to start is the MATTR documentation explaining their implementation of Verifier Clients, specifically these two guides:

The Discourse plugin serves as a good example of client. A good place to start with the Discourse plugin’s code is with the presentation and request controller rspecs which show the two key parts of the flow in overview:

If you’re having trouble implementing a client flow, or understanding any of the materials linked above, please reach out in this topic with the specifics of your issue(s).

Register Your Client

Please contact us to get your client registered on the CoopCreds network. A cooperative can have multiple clients. We will need the following information:

  • client name: This should be related to the name of your cooperative.
  • redirect uri(s): Authorization locations for redirection upon verification.

When your client is registered you will be provided with a client id and secret for use in authorization and token requests.