How to write up a potential use of Coop Credentials?

Or: What sort of template or process do we need to mutually understand and agree ‘requirements’

(between coops, between ‘business people’ and ‘technical people’)?

I propose it should be:

  • simple
  • widely accepted
  • modern and ‘agile’
  • based on what others using w3c VC’s are doing
  • useful and maintainable by business and tech folks - not a ‘dead’ spec to give to the techies - something we can all use

Here is a link to a suggested template.

To start with, we only need to complete the ‘general’ section of any use-case. Hold off the detail section until we have discussed them - i.e.: the title, description and (optionally) some thoughts on relevant standards and technologies.

We can come back to the detail part of the template later.

It’s also important to have an ecosystem ‘big picture’ of how this might work, especially if there are many steps and actors involved. The folks at
have done some good thinking on this, and are enthusiastic about working with decentralised co-operative ecosystems. We can learn a few tricks from them, and other co-ops already working this way.


In the use case template above there’s a little box for “Description:” :slightly_smiling_face:
…easier said than done, especially if these are ecosystem use cases, with multiple parties and relationships / dependencies between them. That’s why we need to work together on this, across co-operatives in our co-design workshop led by @osioke and the async sessions that will follow.