Ethical music touring and tourism


I like simple metaphors - life-rings, life-boats, lighthouses - by intended scale. A life-ring needs to be DIY, no outside support required, just a pattern. A lifeboat assumes a degree of local community capacity. A lighthouse needs to be at potentially population level scale.

(again, apologies if overly abstract - just sketching currently, and a check for consent that these are ‘good to think with’ as levels of potential analysis)

Another metaphor I adore comes from emergency logistics and crossing rivers - 'a bridge of boats.

Immanentizing or prototyping these seems the design challenge - everyone understands easily when they can see it, you don’t have to explain.

Which would be super-helpful


I think there is a hard onus on us to think outside the problem-set, and backcast from a plausible or adjacent future, then think through what dominoes we would need to knock over to get there.

Fully agree the hard part is visualising - especially getting from nerdy concepts to something your grandmother would understand. The ‘ordinary people’s problems’ thing.

I’d argue the arts modules could be of use in this endeavour - while we can’t yet enact what we want, I could easily imagine we could mock it up rehearse, or stage it as service design prototyping.

Depressive Realist Solarpunk Utopianism?


Excellent lines (in all directions. I have the authority to judge them so because they land in a familiar field. They are close to mine) and they are necessary.

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@Thom I love the concept of inter-operable organisational modules as an overall design principle (part of the ‘how’ to do it)

…and as a unifying vision and the ‘why’ we are doing this:

for this ecosystem, a unifying appeal that maximises the breadth of the ‘addressable market’

I think our pilot needs to be somehow hold true to all of that, yet be economically, technically and organisationally achievable. It needs the ‘sizzle’ you spoke of on the call.

@angus has showed us that the technical part is very doable …and scaleable. We now have to nail a practical and economic use case for that trial. Economic = it has to enable a meaningful value exchange.

I’m trying to get a view of the key players / participants in this initial exchange. This deck is where we last got to with early thinking on this:

But to make it a bit more ‘human’ here are some personas. I added a couple more that I thought were missing from the picture.

Steph: I’m a musician/artist … I have struggled to survive through covid… and I have lost a bit of confidence and my connection with my audience. I sell merch, teach a little and I’ve got accommodation and equipment to offer, but I have very little income.

Bridget: I’m a host with some accommodation I’d like to let out and share sustainably to the nice folks in this community - especially those that I know through Phil and Morgan.

Pete: I love discovering and enjoying community music scenes and new independent music (Live and online). I follow Steph.

Iona: I love travelling and staying with community hosts like Bridget.

Tim: I used to be in a local band/art school but then I became a banker… I might not have any talent, but I want to play/compose/create and get a bit of that part of my soul back. I know Steph from way back. I’ve got financial resources and skills to offer., but I don’t know where to start. Don’t say ‘Adult Education Classes’, please.

Phil: I’m an ‘events’ person. I know how to spot a vibe or niche that people want and then organise to make things happen. I have contacts with all the local people and places and accommodation and kit, transport and food. I get a buzz from it but I don’t do this for free …there are risks. I’ll use any platform that makes sense.

Morgan: I’m the community wheeler-dealer. I know all the markets and folks who produce good stuff and I love to put people in touch with each other for good deals and a bit of banter/craic in the process. I might occasionally get a little commission or a deal on the side. Sometimes folks just meet and swap things fairly - some might call me a ‘barter coach’.

I made this a ‘wiki’ post… feel free to add and edit it. And / or to add comments to the deck.


Eager to help Resonate upgrade to the MATTR wallet to facilitate ingestion of ‘Credentialed Listeners’ into a trans-cooperative digital ecosystem for accessing geo-local services and premiums.

Is this already an item on somebody’s roadmap? As an interested Resonate artist-member how may I engage?


Hey @richjensen ! Sorry for the late reply - we have been busy preparing deliverables for the ESSIF-Lab stage 2 completion and the pitch to get into stage 3. For that work we have prepared some nice hybrid digital / local physical event scenarios that take the stay fair / play fair scenarios forward a bit and build a business model / ecosystem model around them. It’s all work in progress at the moment. Here’s a snippet:

Angus has made a lot of progress with the plugins as you can see and we’ve had some really interesting discussions on ecosystem directories and data commons for ethical cross-selling


Cool beans. Is the ‘Supporter Cred’ currently supported? I know of at least one artist that would be interested to experiment with community building via Supporter Credentials. (See my other post regarding MATTR license. Am I correct to assume the previous provider is not engaged in the current implementation?)

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OK that slide is super-awesome. Quite literally describes what I’ve wanted to exist for almost a decade.

With my critical hat on, I’d say the ‘sustainable’ aspect still feels a bit ‘Business as Usual but Coops!’ - which in any Usual Times would be great. Basically I’m convinced the ‘sustainability’ bit needs boost - and the only thing I can see which goes beyond a sort of ‘Hedonistic Individual’ vibe is the ecological imperative.

Was on a call with John Liu / Ecosystem Restoration Camps, which is a model I have great admiration for - the Vision-Thing is so inarguable, and they’ve taken a good shot at global social movement. Plus I figure there is a lot of isomorphism in logistics for a fairfestival and a regencamp. Even if they’re not a way we go on this, seems a useful case to think through?

Their basic modules go Camp->Kitchen - >Workshop->Stage. Sounds familiar :smiley:

The other part I’d like to try and think about better is the selfsovereign identity thing - this is core, right? - but from the cultural production and commons/collective ownership bit. Like in the use cases I’m most interested in, collectively owned product and earthcare would be pretty front-facing on the ‘Social Sell’

In my ideal world, I’d be literally confiscating phones at the gate and giving participants a ‘clean’ one - maybe I’m an extremist, but the idea of being in a Zone where one had that level of data autonomy makes me go weak at the knees.

A few years back, I’d have been ‘you’ll take my phone from my cold dead hands’. Now, though? Tbqfh it would feel like manumission.

My argument, if I can dare to make

Tlrdy I want to own my Masters, not Them


What I think I’m getting at is:’

’ if your names not on the list, you’re not getting in’

That sells itself


This simplification is very very helpful in thinking about this event! Thank you!

Can you share links to

These guys?

When you say sustainability here, what specifically are you referring to?

What’s a regencamp here? What does it refer to? I couldn’t find anything from a quick search.

Thank you once more Thom, looking forward to your insight as we work to being this to life.


Heyas Osioke! Enjoyed your sprime!

Apologies for my messy language - by fairfestival I meant the fully cooperativised model laid out by Nick and the rest of the gang.

By ‘regencamp’ I meant something like the Ecosystem Restoration Camp movement, yes.

When I said sustainability needs a boost, I mean that I think the ‘green’ component in the presentation seemed relatively weak, compared to the other parts of the current proposal like digital, governance, etc, and that I’d like to foreground active ecological regeneration of places as a core aspect.

So less ‘leave no trace’ more ‘move slow and plant things, but with kickass music’

Here is an Irish Coop I have some links with, for context:

Basically I feel strongly that the ‘earthcare’ or ‘earthshot’ (like a moonshot but regenerative) angle needs to go beyond ‘sustainable business-as-usual’ to achieve a stronger pull. I’ve done a bit of work around this idea for a few years, but didn’t have the infrastructure to pull it off properly.

So I also know I wouldn’t have to do much work to sell the ‘regenerative festival’ message to my networks here.

That and I consider it completely necessary for planetary survival :smiley:

Hope that makes sense, and look forward to collaboration



Nice one finding that out. These days I try to go by my real name online. :slight_smile:

Oh, I see! That makes sense. That is something that would be helpful. Any thoughts on where this could come in?

I see it possibly in the sourcing of the produce or products being sold, maybe partnering with sustainable produce or farming coops or something similar. Any ideas? Your suggestions so far are pretty enlightening.


I see the sourcing of produce as a means, yes. But there’s supply chain constraints there - I remember doing some food logistics for hippy festivals and we had the situation where everyone agreed on the principle - but it was pragmatically near impossible for the people who had to implement the idealism, a situation I’ve seen a few times :slight_smile:

I’m curious how integrated Open Food Network is in our group - seems key.

Another angle I’d see as worthy relates less to sourcing food etc for this years festival, more to preparation for years to come

This may be related to things like Badging, and making them relevant, and probably links to the historic development of festivals.


Yeah yeah! I also thought of that too! But not in this specific context. You mentioning it does give me some more ideas and reasons to talk some more with them. :slight_smile:

:memo: :memo: :memo:

I am taking notes! :smiley:

This has turned into a ideation session more or less, thank you Thom! :star_struck:

Would Bagding here be more like proof of attendance?

And when you say links to historic development of festivals, are there any resources you recommend for me to read up on to gain ideas?

Also resources on preparation and badging would be helpful too. The links you have shared have been very helpful. :blush:


Reading DAWN OF. EVERYTHING. Note description of continent-spanning Animal Clan protocols across a multiplicity of societies on Turtle Island (North America) before (and since) European contact. Interesting potential ‘membership model’ for supporting social cohesion and pluralism simultaneously. A reminder that ‘regeneration’ work is more recovery than invention.

Imagining (sometimes, not always) attaching this insight to solidarity festivals
and festival sites via ‘permaculture’, ie helping remnants thrive. Who’s land is being sited and shared? What are the practices required to extend sites of solidarity forward hundreds of years? Seven generations, etc.


Do you mean The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity book - The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity: Graeber, David, Wengrow, David: 9780374157357: Books?

I just added it to my cart. Delivery takes time as I stay in Nigeria, but I figure the rest of your reply has context in the book’s content, so until I read the book, I may not fully understand wht you shared here.

That said, I do understand what you mean by the festivals and permaculture, and leveraging the festival to create a self-sustainable agricultural ecosystem. Definitely a useful characteristic to think of wrt designing the festival. Thank you Rich!


Yes, that’s the book. Basically a meticulously researched argument against the canonical, euro-centric story of modern social evolution that has found expression since the 18th century across the Social Sciences from Political Philosophy to Anthropology and Economics. A fascinating and useful text.

FWIW, the Animal Clans are just mentioned in passing p. 456 - 459. But my interest is definitely piqued. Consulting the bibliography in DoE led me to this rather extensive looking resource: Looking forward to digging further!

(Apologies if these research interests have derailed this thread!)


Pretty sure all our research interests are what the thread should collate :slight_smile: Then move to experimentation!

I think there’s something here on Badging. Like I know a lot of people collect festival lanyards and wristbands for pure participation mystique.

So…if we had a translocal festival, across numerous sites but with a shared identity/ theme/protocol - a common ‘credential’ - I’d see that as having apps beyond just egoboo in terms of use or access tokens, definitely.

‘you don’t know, man, you weren’t there’ style, or if anyone’s ever watched Starship Troopers, ‘Service Guarantees Citizenship’

As a general query, can the widget already do a front door qr-access function? Because I could test that on-ground pretty fast.

On the Land Question, my feelings are sites should be prioritised based on how far towards indigenous or otherwise ecological governance they either are or are being moved towards. It might be a bit premature to say that BHAG is to return as much of the planet as possible to ecological self-sovereignty, but it might also be too late?


I agree with @Thom, @richjensen keep sharing!

My exact thoughts! This would bring in a social factor and make VCs more shareable and thus easier to adopt.

I was looking at this as an abstraction layer atop what we currently have:


@peter mentions Keep Badges Weird community on this thread: (Good look.)

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