Elections and polling

Voting and election systems for communities, whether public sector, corporate or co-operative are a part of a governance cycle:

  1. discussion and collaboration shapes the issues to be put to the authenticated voters
  2. secure voting / polling / survey takes place
  3. verifiable results and decisions are issued

Co-operative credentials could be issued to authenticate voters for secure voting, without unnecessary disclosure of personal information - a digital ballot, with a single vote. Official, verifiable results could be issued by the co-operative as credentials for elected delegates and representatives. Typical community forum software and governance tools do not support the rigorous requirements of:

  • Individual Verifiability - Any voter may check his or her ballot is correctly included in the ballot box.
  • Universal Verifiability - Any voter may determine all submitted ballots have been correctly counted.
  • Receipt Freeness - No voter can demonstrate to any third party how she or he voted.