EDI for international trade - the global ecosystem and standards - how VC's can help

Global cross-border trade follows by long established EDI protocols brokered through the UN: The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) hosts UN/CEFACT.

It’s the big multinationals and trading networks that dominate this world to the exclusion of many smaller players who don’t enjoy the economies of scale, or who are simply shut out through high barriers of entry, including the know-how and the cost of ‘enterprise’ software needed to participate in these protocols.

Here’s a paper that “describes a highly scalable operating model for digitisation and trust of cross border trade based on verifiable credentials, linked data, and decentralised identifiers.”

It’s mainly a call to trade regulators to open things up a bit more, but also interesting because it draws on many years of experience in trading ‘vocabulary’ and protocol… useful here for co-ops in cross-border exchange.