Coop Credentials at 'Rebooting the Web of Trust'

Rebooting the Web of Trust is a long-established (20 years) cluster of people and clever thinking concerned with:

Empowering individuals to co-create decentralized systems for lasting mutual benefit.

There’s a lot of overlap with folks on W3C Credentials Community Group, so I thought it worthwhile to submit a paper - a write up of where we have got to and where we might go - and put it up there for debate / insight / advice from the community of technical excellence that RWoT represents.

Here is the paper:

There’s a reading list of references for the paper that might be helpful too.
Comments welcome!
Let’s see what we get from the conference. (Update: all booked in :-))


Nick, appreciate the work here. Will dig into the reference material when I can. Meanwhile, Forum Co-op will contribute 100 Euro towards your conference ticket and encourage other able Co-ops in the community to consider joining a commons effort to send Mr. Meyne to The Hague!

That’s very kind John! Thanks for the offer!. After discussing with others on here I think there’s enough informal collective support for us ( We need to get our own CoopCreds governance and voting sorted out!!) to do this out of our remaining project budget from the grant funds. It will be worth it for the contacts and some insight gained.

Very good. Funds well spent.