Co-op Credentials Community Call 2: Use Cases

Our next community call will be on 2022-02-03T14:00:00Z. We’ll be focusing on Use Cases, and will be looking to settle on the use case for our upcoming trial of Cooperative Credentials, which we’re looking to do in March - May of 2022.

The meeting will be held using the ‘Big Blue Button’ open source conferencing solution courtesy of and who host and provide a room respectively. It usually all works well with most browsers, but in case Chrome is troublesome, Firefox has been pretty reliable.

Here is the link we will be using:


Please save the date and RSVP above if you can make it. A more detailed agenda, with a list of potential use cases will follow.

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@JohnSinnott @johnmbodin @peter @Thom @Nick_M @Federico Thanks everyone for coming! Here’s @Federico’s notes from the meeting.


You can see the demo in the meeting recording.

Survey responses summary

Next steps

Between March and April, we are looking to start running trials with the coops who have expressed an interest.

Aspects that still need some definition:

  1. What use case(s) will we focus on and what will we ask to participating coops?
    1. Cross-selling (exchange of discount coupons? What can each coop offer through its credentials?)
    2. Focus on an event
  2. KYC process - How the different steps in the process will look like (for sign up an sign in)
    1. What checks will there be in place
  3. Software solution: discourse, wordpress, other?
  4. Standard method of authentication: 0auth2

Use cases brainstorming

Avoid “solutionism”. How much do we know about the community we want to serve? For example, CoopCreds might prove less valuable in countries where coops are a minority, and as such they already mostly know each other.

To focus more on the problems, please add examples in to our #problems category

Setting the boundaries? Is there an existing consensus that CoopCreds is only for coops? Can we look beyond that border? (eg. by collaborating with solidarity economy initiatives) How? (“Potential can of worms”)

We’ll keep the discussion on this going here

Finding the sizzle. What can we do with the existing network that we already have, and without having for a big coop conglomerate to join?

Get involved on this one here:

Privacy Policy

Just a note that all community call data is handled via our community privacy policy



Looks like next Tuesday (Feb. 14) at 3:30 GMT works best for Chris Hancock (Seattle) and myself…know that is a bit late for you, Angus, but should be a decent time for Nick.

Let me know if that day/time works and I will confirm with Chris – will let you or Nick set up the call format.




Meant Tuesday the 15th!


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Hey @johnmbodin I’ve responded in our PM. Let’s chat there.

Closed topic to show event has ended, can be reopened if needed.