Co-op Credential Community Call 4: Co-Design Workshop

Our next community call is scheduled for 2022-07-07T14:00:00Z. (4 PM CET)

We will be doing a Co-Design Workshop where we get to co-create and co-design the future of what a cooperative credential could be. This is part 2 of a 3 phase call/program we are doing to define/shape the future of Co-operative Credentials. You can see a recap of the part 1 event here: Recap of Co-op Credential Community Call 3: Co-op Show and Tell.

Please read through the linked topic to get more detail on the whole program.

Link to the slide for the workshop: Design Thinking Exercise on Improving the Cooperative Experience - Google Präsentationen

Please save the date and RSVP above if you can make it. If the date does not work for you, please let us know below and we will see how we can accommodate you.

Hello everyone, the workshop is in 2 days! :man_dancing:t5:

We will be doing part of the workshop synchronously to make it easier to get started. The agenda for this will be:

  1. Quick intro of everyone
  2. Quick intro of the process
  3. Quick sorting into pairs using BBB’s breakout rooms feature
  4. Start of the initial phases of the workshop using BBB’s breakout rooms feature

The goal here will be for everyone to get started with the interactions the codesign session by:

  • Getting a partner
  • Asking them some of the initial questions
  • Getting an understanding of the process

I will facilitate and share prompts to guide us all as we go through with the process. If you’re curious as to what prompts, and how the workshop guide came to be, see this PDF file:
Facilitator’s Playbook for Gift Giving Experiment - Design Thinking.pdf (2.2 MB)

See everyone soon!

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I have a couple of general questions.

How many online sessions are there in the design process and are the dates all agreed? Is tomorrow the final session?

Looking at the slide deck I get a sense of what we will be doing tomorrow but I’m not clear on how much time is dedicated to each task or if/how people could take notes during the interviews they do.
I was thinking it could be useful to have a single collaborative etherpad. Will we have 5 pairs interviewing each other? We could have a section in the pad for each pair which would include the questions and timings for the design exercise. This way we have a shared document with everyones notes. Of course people could also use pen or paper if they prefer.

Will you be getting together online before the workshop?

3 sessions, I mentioned this in the first post. The last part doesn’t need everyone’s attendance though, and will happen here on Discourse via text. So with respect to dates, yes and no as the last session doesn’t need a date. I’ll also read the previous posts here and the linked topics here to see the past discussions and the process.

The last post shares changes we can use and manage easily.

Nope! No need. Seeing as we are all working in different roles, we want the least amount of work for everyone, so we will keep interactions to text via topics here on Discourse. :wink:

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Its time folks! Let’s join in :slight_smile:

Notes from the Co-Design Session


We had 6 individuals in attendance:


  • Overview and intro to the process
  • Sorting into groups and breakout rooms
  • Partner interviews

Group detail

Group 1:


Group 2:


Guest: @Nick_M

Group Notes

Group 1 Notes

  • different degrees of activity and participation among members

  • some are more active than others

  • there can be tensions between the need for an egalitarian, democratic and cooperative working process, and the need for more active members for autonomy to get things done

  • the importance of leadership in cooperatives (insights)

  • delegated authority to act (insights)

  • Often coops don’t use the resources they have (money and people)

turn into problem statements

X is interested in X

look for verbs

Group 2 Notes

Group 2 Reasons for joining:

  • Interest in good governance, new way of organizing the world

  • High potential for impact

  • Invited by good people, bright people involved

  • Driven by seeking common good

Group 2 Points of frustration and friction:

  • Centralized decision-making, lack of transparency

  • lack of clarity in organisation decision-making

  • Failure of technology/product to deliver

  • External financial climate

  • Broken trust with leadership, untrustworthy promises

  • Failure of governance structure and by-laws to protect members

  • Loss of good individual work within a big failure of the coop

Next steps

Each group to develop problem statements from the notes, needs, pain points and insights gleaned during the interviews. This will happen in public topics in our #ecosystem category, where each group discusses asynchronously in their own topic.

@osioke to follow up on 2022-07-13T23:00:00Z to see progress as we move to the 3rd phase:

Possible problem statements from the call

How might we operate coops to build and preserve trust between leaders and members?

How might we support members in inviting others to become members?

How might we signal / assign leadership on particular topics and ensure members are connected / consulted / informed where they are affected?


Thank you, Osioke - very productive call. Look forward to #ecosystem category async feedback.


Sorry to miss notice of this call. We moved house in July and I surely missed a few things.

Will follow along asynchronously.