Co-op Credential Community Call 3: Co-op Show and Tell

Our next community call will be on is 2022-06-23T14:00:00Z. We will be doing a Co-op Show and Tell where we all get to reconnect and talk about what we are doing and how that brings us here. This is part 1 of a 3 phase call/program we are doing to define/shape the future of Co-operative Credentials.

Please read through the linked topic to get more detail on the whole program.

Please save the date and RSVP above if you can make it.


The link has been added!

We tested the connection on Friday across Nigeria, Barcelona, UK, Croatia and Italy and it worked fine :slight_smile: see you on 2022-06-23T14:00:00Z

Our next community call is in 2 days!


In thinking about how it would go let me share where I am at.

  1. Welcome
  2. CoopCreds show and tell
  3. Everyone’s show and tell
  4. Overview on the Co-design workshop and how it will run
  5. Thank everyone and say our byes

The call will be recorded, and I’ll transcribe out key points on the event topic.

The show and tell will be tied to 5 mins. 2 mins for the show and tell and 3 mins for question and answer. Anyone can drop their questions in the chat box and they can be answered after the participant finishes with their show and tell.

The total 5 mins may reduce depending on how many folks attend.

Nothing too fancy, just focusing on getting everyone to talk or pitch themselves to other coops so everyone can better connect and also find other coops they may be interested in working with.

What do we think?


Osioke, sorry I am going to have to miss the call. Thank you for posting our 3:38 ‘Forum Co-op Intro’ slide show (link sent) - we look forward to reviewing the recorded ‘Show and Tell’ and catching up on any ‘Next Steps’ on which Forum Co-op might be able to conribute some value.


You’ll be missed, John. Hope to catch you next time.


1 more hour to go! See you soon :slight_smile:

Call link: Coop Creds Community Calls

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Great turn out today! Congrats to all… Onward!


The event was lovely, thank you all who attended. I’ll be sharing the recap in a bit :slight_smile:


Summary of the CoopCreds Show and Tell Community Call

Agenda for the call

  • Welcome
  • CoopCreds show and tell
  • Everyone’s show and tell
  • Overview on the Co-design workshop and how it will run
  • Thanks and Goodbyes

Call Notes

  • The technical issues with the BigBlueButton service from our fellow coop have been noted and shared with the team, we are working with them to make the next call better as we work to improve cooperation among cooperatives. :slight_smile:

  • For those of us who made it, feel free to PM me your address so we can send you a thank branded shirt

  • For folks who did not make the session, but are happy to record a quick intro video or those who’d like to re-record their intro videos, we’ve set up a separate Introduce Yourself room on BBB for you to use: Introduce Yourself!

    • Do not that the shorter it is, the more likely people are to finish listening to the intro :wink: we recommend 2 - 3 minutes.
    • We’ve added an explainer video to the room, so once you go there, click through, watch and record! We can’t wait to meet you :slight_smile:
  • The Co-design Workshop (our next community call) and the second part of this call series is scheduled for 2022-07-07T14:00:00Z, see the event link here: Co-op Credential Community Call 4: Co-Design Workshop

  • If there are any errors or anything I forgot or anything you’d like us to update, please reply below and we will make the change. This topic will automatically close after a week from this post.

Show and Tell!

CoopCreds by @Nick_M and @angus: Co-op Credentials Intro

TKDFarms Farmers’ Markets by Babi Subair: TKDFarms Farmers’ Markets Intro

An Mheitheal Rothar by @cathycoote: An Mheitheal Rothar Intro

Needs Map by @Evren: Needs Map Intro

Google Volunteers by @kris Kris Braun: Kris and Google Volunteers Intro

Envoke by @peter: Envoke Intro

Resonate by @richjensen: Resonate Intro

An Ait Eile Coop by @Thom: An Ait Eile Intro by @johnmbodin: Intro

Pavilion by @angus: Pavilion Intro

FairBnB by @Federico: FairBnB Intro

Short intro to the Coops

CoopCreds: A community led KYC platform for Cooperatives

TKDFarms Farmers’ Markets: Sustainable living and social empowerment for Nigerian women

An Mheitheal Rothar: Community-led bike maintenance and learning in Galway city

Needs Map: Community Needs Map in Turkey, and beyond

Envoke: An opensource blockchain for the music industry to build metadata info

Resonate: The ethical community-led music streaming platform

An Ait Eile Coop: An artist cooperative based in Ireland working on sustainable living projects and empowering local creatives A community-led governance platform for cooperatives and communities - Audio only intro

Pavilion: A freelancer cooperative that builds software and provides services for online communities

FairBnB: The ethical community-led house sharing platform

Full recording

Full video recording with chat

Co-design Session Overview

For this next event, see the event topic for details: Co-op Credential Community Call 4: Co-Design Workshop

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Thank you for your great work on the CCCC. Just finished watching the recording and REALLY WANT a QR_CODED_NICK T-Shirt: Please send (as large a shirt as you have) to:


Forum Coop
Box 10111
Bainbridge Island WA 98110

See you on theh next CCCC.


Ah yes, the shirt!

+1 XL Please!


Rich Jensen
140 Lakeside Ave #A162
Seattle WA 98122

Terrific event. Thank you!

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