Co-design problem statements - group 2

From discussion notes with @johnmbodin and @Nick_M

Problem statements: How might we…

  1. … enable and encourage members to invite others to become members?
  2. … operate co-ops to build and preserve trust between leaders and members?
  3. … signal / assign leadership on particular topics and ensure members are connected / consulted / informed where they are affected?

@johnmbodin Are there other problem statements to add from our discussion?

@osioke Beyond identifying problem statements, should we develop them further in any dimensions?

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The next best thing would be to pick one to focus on, and then:

  1. Simplify the statement a bit or refocus it a bit
  2. Start to discuss or figure out possible solutions

For (1) simplifying it could be asking why a few more times with respect to the actions each statement is looking to improve, for instance, in the first problem statement, why invite other members? Maybe to grow the coop? Or increase knowledge about the coop? Or increase volunteers or people to help build the coop? Then the problem statement could then be:

How might we get members to contribute more in coops?

Or something along those lines.

But we could leave it as is and start to look into possible solutions.


(These three are good)

Problem statements: How might we…

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