Badges as a propagation strategy?

Saw a few posts from this crew… Keep Badges Weird and Stealth Badges being ideas they’re talking about. Think storing and awarding badges is a fantastic use case and maybe something we can implement at Resonate “easily”?


Stealth Badging is news to me, and deeply fun from a design/UX perspective

Like I get the appeal of grindy incrementalism - recovered online gamer lol - but that hits a whole lot of Explorer / surprise territory


Yes it’s exactly where we started at Resonate with that badge metaphor for community credentials - portable and prove-able across communities… the example of badges and graphics in this old pic were deeply uncool though!

It’s interesting to contrast the ‘grindy incrementalist’ approach - just issue something cool and see what happens - with the all the conventional wisdom and writing on rituals, ceremony and badges - like in this stuff.

I guess you need a bit of both. Complementary?


OK so the access rights or usufruct bit is hellah interesting to me.

I’m deeply suspicious of anything that could be reasonably construed as a security - hence some of my issues with most ‘Chainers’ - but the idea that identity is a sort of accumulated substrate of what we have done appeals hugely (in the right hands) along with the more transindividual shared identity part, which I guess we usually call culture.

So I guess I’m thinking badges along the following lines:

  1. Egoboo, bragging rights, Voice rights

‘you don’t know man, you weren’t there’

Eg: Titles, Silly Hats, all that Jazz

  1. Access Rights - Experiences

‘you’re names not on the list’

  1. Access Rights - Common Pools/Tools/Resources/IP

‘lighsabers are jedi-only mate’

Is that the direction of user travel people were thinking, or is that too ‘tokeney’?

Like there’s all the territory once into share registers and legal reality, but that’s another game entirely…


This is nice!

Yes, this was the general idea I was thinking off, it adds a social construct to VCs. But now we are thinking, how might we help co-ops be better co-ops or something along these lines, and what the next community call could be about.


I read @Thom’s suggestion for VCs as an extensible marker of trust providing access to spaces (or other resources) governed as commons among multiple cooperative communities, perhaps on relatively extemporaneous basis: for the duration of a multi-stakeholder festival, etc.

To expand on your note @osioke, maybe it’s “Help the co-op ecosystem be a better co-op ecosystem.”


I like this! This makes a lot of sense!